Some easy ways on how to care and store your sterling silver and gemstone jewelry. You should also refer to the "extended information" tab on the product pages for datails about the products we offer.

How to prevent tarnish
Reuse silica bags from medicine bottles and shoes. Store them with your jewelry to keep them shiny longer.

Remedy for loose earnuts or post earring stops
Simply squeeze the loops together gently.
The best way to clean pearls and crystals jewelry

Town Talk Pearl Care Kit, Jewel Brite™ liquid jewelry cleaner or a mild soap and water solution will work well to clean your pearls and the crystals. Allow the jewelry to dry before wearing especially if the pearls and crystals are strung on silk or cotton thread as the weight of the beads could stretch the fibers.

Never use ultrasonic cleaners or steamers as these will damage the delicate pearl surface.

Gently wipe the jewelry with a soft cloth after each wearing then store pearls in a soft cloth pouch or wrap them in a soft cloth. Pearls are a soft gemstone material and should be treated delicately; they require moisture to prevent them from becoming too dry and brittle, so avoid storing in plastic bags, which do not allow air flow.

- Tammy Honaman, Jewelry-Making Expert