Botswana Agate

Hi! You probably know by now that Botswana agate is my favorite agate. Yes, you're right!

An agate is a stone or semi-precious gem that has healing or metaphysical properties.

I first came into contact with this stone from a purchase made at It was love at first. I felt peace and serenity, just by looking at it. I decided to search the Internet to learn about the properties of this agate. I visited about ten sites and they all had the same information.

It is a very good gemstone to have on your person. It is especially helpful to those who are prone to depression or who get hurt very easily (the soft at heart). It has calming properties and helps one to be more creative and better able to express who he or she is. It helps one to tap into his or her inner self by going deep and finding the root cause of whatever is bothering him or her, and giving them the strength to overcome it. It promotes success in the tasks you wish to complete. It promotes a healthy nervous system and helps rid the body of toxins. It helps one to have a better outlook on life.

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When it comes to making jewelry this agate does not need to be paired with any other beads or embellished. Each stone has a variety of color blends of greys, pinks, orange, browns, cream, along with a series of stripes or bands that is self-evident with agate. To enhance their natural beauty, the stones I use have been polished, making them smooth to the touch and sparkly in the right light. You'll love this agate too.

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