Welcome Spring! Poem

Well it's here. Spring is here. It's the time we have all been waiting for.
Spring is the time of healing and rejuvenation. Spring is the dawn of a new awakening. Spring is about change.

I would like to share a poem I wrote a while back. It  reflects a little on these times that we are facing.


With each day comes a new awakening
With many lessons to be learnt
If one learns something new each day
About himself, the world, his environment, or others
And is able to bring about positive change
Then he has accomplished much
Because by knowing yourself, you know God.
Try to be patient- persevere in times of sorrow and difficulties
Trust in God without doubt
He'll answer your prayer
And grant your every legitimate desire.



  1. Yeah, I'm not into rhyming. I basically try to remain true to my feelings and write what's on my mind.


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