Winner - Accessory Clutch Giveaway

Announcing the winner of the #hgjaccessoryclutchgiveaway

I'm actually nervous to choose just one winner. Well, onward and upward. Thank you to all who participated.

I like the winning entry because it fits with the newly added products and new additions for the future. I like accenting gemstones with faceted glass beads and sleek glass pearls. It also ties in with the message I want to send in the welcome note in the shop.

{How you dress
Affects how you feel
How you feel
Affects your performance.}
Sneak Peek

If you would like to do a public review of new jewelry, follow Hannah's Gemstone Jewelry on Facebook or Instagram for updates.

This suggestion for a tagline also reminded me of the enthusiastic personal shoppers I've had the pleasure of meeting as well as the positive feedback online.

I'm a person who gets deeply pained by the sadness of others and always get an urge to help and give cheer how I can. Some day I hope to be at a level to help others fulfill their needs and their dreams, without restrictions.

With Hannah's Gemstone Jewelry (HannahsGems), I wish to encourage (busy) moms and women who have a love hate relationship with wearing jewelry to wear a piece of jewelry even when at home. Wearing jewelry even at home really lifts the spirit of everyone in the home, spouse and children too. Any boy moms out there? They notice these subtle changes, and when they say you look pretty, you better believe it. :)

I think it fits and its inspiring. I like it a lot. The wording may change a bit but thank you to the winner for the inspiration.

Let's "Shine Brighter" every day.

The Winner

Brenda Wilson
"Shine Brighter"

Brenda Wilson, please email your mailing address and thank you for the inspiration.


  1. What you said just inspired me to go put on some earrings, even though I'm on doc ordered bed rest!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to let me know you found inspiration in this post. You have been through quite a lot of medical interventions. Still you Shine Brighter for us on Insta.


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